Can a South Florida or Fort Lauderdale Criminal No Contact Order be Modified?

an infographic illustrates domestic violence in South Florida and talks about the difference between no contact orders and restraining ordersYes, criminal no contact orders can be modified – but not by either the victim or the person that the no contact order is against in Florida.  

Criminal no contact orders in Florida can only be modified or dismissed by a judge. 

In order for a criminal no contact order to be modified or dismissed by a judge in a Florida court, the alleged victim will have to appear in court to explain to the judge why he/she wants the no contact order either modified or dismissed. 

Even if the victim explains that they want the order changed or removed, the judge can still rule “no” and deny any changes or modification to your Florida no contact order. 

The judge can always say no, but the judge is even more likely to say no to the changes if there is a history, especially if there is a longstanding history,  of abuse between the alleged victim and the person the No Contact order is against. 

In the case of a longstanding history of abuse between parties, it is also even possible that the judge could order additional requirements such as anger management sanctions on the defendant. 

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CONCLUSION: Changing a No Contact Order in Florida 

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