Rossen Law Firm Stands in Support with Ruby Green - who was fired by Finkelstein after the Broward Public Defender race

Ruby Green - ran for Broward County Public DefenderThis morning - assistant Ruby Green was fired from the Broward County Public Defender’s Office. 


She ran for the elected position of Public Defender, against current Public Defender Howard Finkelstein’s chosen successor. The night after Broward County’s primary race, Finkelstein fired Ruby Green. 



We’re writing this quick blog to say just a few things - namely, that we support Ruby Green & stand with her. 


We condemn this action of Public Defender Finkelstein and find it, in our opinion, a political and retaliatory action that was not deserved nor appropriate. 


In a Public Facebook post published about 9 am Wednesday, Aug. 19, Green wrote:

I was told not to run, I was told I couldn't do it and I was told I was going to get fired. Nevertheless, I persisted because I know I am the change we seek. I know that there are so many things that happen in this office that are just down right WRONG and I refused to sit back and let it happen. I am truly grateful for all the things I learned in the process, support and know that I am destined for greatness. What are you afraid of?!? This is not going to stop me. This race wasn't ran for my benefit, it was for the people.”


Along with it, she included screenshots - one, an email from Public Defender Howard Finkelstein that she received before 9 am Wednesday morning.


“Thank you for your service. Your services are no longer required. Your termination is immediate,” Finkelstein wrote in the email to Green.


Ruby Green has worked in the Public Defenders office for 8 years and was one of three candidates running for Public Defender, to replace Finkelstein who’s retiring after 16 years.  


Green is also president of the Broward Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers - Adam and Manny are also on the board. 


In a Sun Sentinel article Finkelstein claims he didn’t fire Green because she ran for office, but due to how she campaigned - claiming she made dishonest comments about the office and its commitment to underserved people and people of color. 


Green was quoted in the same article as saying: “They were mad because the cat’s out of the bag … they are threatened and angry that the truth came out.”


Rossen Law Firm simply wants to say this:


Ruby Green is fantastic. She stands for what is right, she has been great for the Defense Bar and Broward County. Her ethics and morality is unmatched.


The decision to fire her, and the manner in which she was fired, is wrong and appears to be politically motivated. We’re sad to see her leave the office, likely due to her being honest about & exposing legitimate issues with the  Broward County’s Public Defender Office, because she was such a great asset to the PD’s Office. 


We stand in support with Ruby Green. We're cheering you on, Ruby!

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