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The Podcast delves more into the history of Rossen Law Firm and how Adam came to run his own practice just 2 years after graduating from University of Miami Law School


Breaking news… being a criminal defense attorney is NOT like law & order


Criminal defense attorney Adam sits at a desk with headphones and a microphone while he's interviewed on a podcast

Adam was recently featured in a World of Marketing Podcast created by Foster Web Marketing. Adam’s interview takes place in a podcast series that features a variety of prominent figures in various web marketing industries, including former NFL players, video marketing and other lawyers. 


For Adam, becoming a criminal defense and DUI attorney in Fort Lauderdale all started in undergrad when he double majored in criminology & psychology. After graduating, he chose to go on to Law School.


“I hated law school,” Adam says in the podcast. “I realized when I started law school that it was nothing like law and order.” 


The thing Adam loved most about law school was being in the courtroom, and that is evident today.


In the episode, Adam delves into more of the history of Rossen Law Firm and what business building looked like for him when he began the firm in 2008 after leaving his job of being a State Prosecutor after only 2 years.


Something that has remained throughout the years, is Adam’s commitment to continually improving customer service to provide a “Ritz Carlton” experience. The whole team at Rossen Law Firm is committed to ensuring clients know that we care about them, will fight hard for them and always treat them with respect.


“We genuinely do care about our clients [and] really try to make them the best version of themselves,” Adam says in the podcast.


When bad things happen to good people

Adam explains how Rossen Law Firm doesn't use the word "criminal." The law firm is committed to being there "When bad things happen to good people." The firm exists to help, not judge clients.

Rossen Law Firm's clients range from representing people arrested for DUI in South Florida as well as people facing criminal charges including: theft, drug crimes, criminal mischief (vandalism), aggravated assault, domestic violence and more.


If you or a loved one need a great lawyer, reach out to Rossen Law Firm's Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, or Sunrise Office for a free consultation today.


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