Masks Still Required in South Florida: No more fines, but coronavirus mask mandates still exist

Rossen Law Firm's Criminal Defense team is wearing masks and holding a sign that says This may come as a surprise to some, but masks are still required in parts of South Florida.


Yes, Gov. DeSantis took away the penalty of getting fined for not wearing a mask when and where required to help curb the spread of coronavirus in areas like Miami and Fort Lauderdale -- But, that doesn’t mean he took away the requirement. 


People who refuse to wear a mask may no longer be fined, but they can’t put the masks away just yet. 


Due to all of the ever changing news on mask mandates, emergency orders and more, we’re here to help do our part in keeping you informed. 


Miami Beach Police Department gave out a total of nearly $14,500 in fines earlier this summer, according to NBC Miami. Miami-Dade county also gave out fines to more than 250 people.


While Miami-Dade county is getting more relaxed on COVID-19 restrictions, the mask mandate is not easing up. Miami-Dade County is going to continue to give out educational citations for not wearing masks, unless there is further ruling from DeSantis. 


free coronavirus crimes guide - instant download“They [officers] are going to be approaching, making sure that everybody is wearing a mask out in public as directed by the emergency order and siding those in individuals that are in violation,” said Miami Police Assistant Chief Manny Morales according to NBC MiamiIf possible, Miami Police Assistant Chief Morales says fines may still be part of the violations.


Miami-Dade county cities are struggling to enforce mask mandates since Gov. DeSantis continues to not allow fines as consequence for those not abiding by the mask mandates, according to Local 10. Miami's Mayor Suárez is trying to mitigate health concerns with the surge of cases


Meanwhile, Flordia Governor Ron DeSantis still recently ushed South Florida into phase 3 of opening and he continues to prohibit local governments from collecting fines for people who violate the mask mandates. Miami Beach police are still handing out masks to anyone not wearing one and they are issuing citations for thos violating the mask mandates. It may be possible that fines could still be collected or enforced later.


In Fort Lauderdale, "all facial covering requirements ... remain in full force," according to the Fort Lauderdale government website. All employees and patrons of businesses are required to wear facial coverings - including restaurants when a person is not actively eating or drinking.
Businesses in Fort Lauderdale found not complying with face mask regulations are "subject to enforcement as a civil violation, including the imposition of fines against the offending business or establishments." Find the entire emergency delclaration here.  


Another 1,868 cases were reported in Florida Monday, Oct. 5. The day before, 1,844 cases and Oct. 1 had more than 2,600 new cases reported. 


As of Oct. 5, there have been 716,000 Covid-19 cases in Florida. Nearly 15,000 people in Florida have died from Covid-19.


In South Florida, these are the local numbers (As of Oct. 5) : 


Covid-19 has had a significant toll on South Florida. This is an infographic that shows the number of COVID-19 cases in broward County, palm beach county, or miami-dade county. The infographic shows cases and deaths in south florida as the coronavirus pandemic rages on.

Are South Florida Mask Mandates Unconstitutional?

Practically everyone has an opinion on whether or not we should be required to wear masks in light of COVID-19 and the Coronavirus Pandemic. But the law on whether or not mask mandates are unconstitutional is pretty clear: Mask requirements are NOT unconstitutional.


Check out a recent blog HERE to learn more about why mask mandates do not violate your first amendment rights. 


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Update: Broward voters will face the cops if they refuse to wear masks (or become unruly)

After a bit of back and forth - turns out people WILL need masks to vote in Broward County. People without masks will not be able to vote in Broward County, Florida; according to the Sun Sentinel.

Broward's Election Chief said that police will be able to remove troublemakers from the polling sites if they're causing an issue by not wearing a mask, or if they're trying to intimidate other voters. If someone refuses to put a mask on to vote, BSO deputies already have pre-granted permission to remove that person from the polls.

Anyone who is "disruptive and unruly" can be removed from polling sites by Broward Sheriff's Office.

Broward's mask mandate remains in effect, requiring anyone in public to wear a mask to help curb the spread of coronavirus.

Find more voter information at your counties' Supervisor of Elections website!
Palm Beach:  

Miami Police officer punished for Trump Mask at polling place

Turns out... The Florida Man can even mess up following the rules. Near an early voting polling location for the 2020 presidential ellection, a Miami, Florida police officer wore a mask supporting President Donald Trump. It's unclear whether or not Officer Ubeda was on duty or not at the time, but he was in full uniform and was armed.

Thankfully, the Miami Polcie department has said: "This behavior is unacceptable, a violation of departmental policy and is being addressed immediately."

Florida law says that state employees cannot use offical authority to interfere in or influence elections.

Mask-refusing moms removed from school board meeting in Florida

Police had to remove several moms from a school board meeting in Daytona, Florida due to them refusing to wear masks, according to Miami CBS local.

Police didn't officially arrest them - but 7 moms were tresspassed so they can't return to the property for one year.

"I've never put a mask on my face, and I never will," one of the women - Racheal Cohen- said according to CBS. "It's just absolute tyranny."

We think her stance is, well, quite frankly - absolutely rediculous. Wear a mask, folks - you could literally be saving lives.

It is not ridiculous mask cause pneumonia bacteral infections and low oxygen intake it is unsafe and unnecessary does not stop viral infections and should be left up to the individual if you think they work so well then wear it but don't force it on anyone else this is ridiculous and not proven read the label on your mask not for ppe why can't you people see through the fear less than 1% fatality rate .
by Mike December 14, 2020 at 12:28 AM
It is ridiculous that people are still debating whether we should be wearing a mask. Ingel Soong
by Das November 5, 2020 at 02:54 AM
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