DUI attorney interviews south Florida therapists about Coronavirus

Therapist Roundtable: An Interview with Therapists amid the coronavirus pandemic in South Florida

The Coronavirus and COVID-19 is affecting everyone and every type of business, especially here in South Florida. 


Rossen Law Firm, a Fort Lauderdale criminal and DUI defense law firm, is committed to sharing real and true stories about what's happening in Florida amid the coronavirus pandemic. 


In this video, three therapists from Broward and Palm Beach counties discuss the effects of coronavirus on their small businesses, the transition to telehealth and online counseling, as well as issues caused by the coronavirus as they are seeing in their field. 


Here are a few tips offered:

  • Develop a NEW routine.
    • ​Brian Pagan talks about how he's seen clients dealing with depression, anxiety and stress management have regression in areas of eating, sleeping, exercise and finding purpose. His suggestion is to establish a new routine during this time that helps you establish those rhythms.
  • Resources for those struggling with addiction
    • ​​Unfortunately, it seems there is an increase in substance use during the coronavirus pandemic. Especially for those who are physically distancing alone and are in recovery, this can present a big challenge. Liza Piekarsky talks about the resources available online for those struggling with addiction - such as AA, NA, support groups, free meditation. It is difficult to find motivation to engage in virtual meetings, but resources ARE available if you need support.

For some parenting tips, working at home tips and learning why it's OK to not be OK - give the video a watch!



Find the Therapists at:


Brian Pagan:

- Psychology Today

- Facebook Page


Liza Piekarsky:

- Caring Therapists of Broward 

- Retreat Behavioral Health 


Amanda Patterson: 

- Caring Therapists of Broward 

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