coronavirus killed wife, Florida man charged with murder claims

Coronavirus Crime Chronicles: What you'd only expect from the "Florida man"

A few years back, there was a Florida man challenge circulating the internet. 


Basically it went like this:

People Googled “Florida man “ followed by the month and date of their birthday. Then, you were to share the best, wild ‘Florida Man’ story that happened on your birthday.


The challenge was basically a big joke on all Florida’s crazy headlines. 


We’ve decided to do something a bit similar - we’re going to catalog the Florida Coronavirus arrests that make the news. Some may be more serious than others. 


In this blog, we’ll share the Coronavirus Crime Chronicles: What you’d only expect from the Florida man. We’ll update with new arrests every few days.  


Florida Man threatened a shooting at Publix due to not enough people wearing face masks

A Florida man was arrested for threatening a mass shooting at a Florida Publix store because enough people were not wearing masks to prevent and slow the spread of Coronavirus.


The 62-year-old man- Robert Kovner - was arrested by Highlands County Sheriff's Office after Kovner published the threat on Facebook, according to the Miami Herald. Kovner was arrested, booked at jail with felony charges related to making a written threat of a mass shooting. His bond was set at $30,000.


Florida Man threatened to spread coronavirus during arrest

A Florida man threatened to give police officers COVID-19 during a domestic violence arrest.


Brent Smith,46, returned home drunk one evening and got into a fight with his mother, whom he allegedly threatened with a butter knife, according to NY Daily News. He shoved her several times, then grabbed a butter knife and screamed 'I will kill you!' according to the Volusia County sheriff's department.


While coughing on police during the arrest, Smith is reported to have said: "I hope you die ... I hope you catch corona. I hope the coronavirus, I hope it latches on to you." Smith's COVID-19 status was unknown.


Due to a past criminal history, smith is being held in jail without bond.


Florida Man, an Inmate released due to coronavirus, now Faces Murder Charges

A Florida man, who was an inmate released from prison due to coronavirus concerns, is already back in prison. Now, he's facing murder charges.


This comes as a disappointment in many ways, as there are many eligible inmates who do not pose a threat to the community who are trying to get out of prison on "compassionate release" due to the coronavirus conditions in prison.


Joseph Williams, 26, was released from custody March 19 - he was awaiting trial for possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia, according to The Hill. He was arrested for allegedly participating in a Tampa homicide March 20. He's facing a second-degree murder charge. He's also charged with violently resisting a police officer, possessing heroin and drug paraphernalia, and with possessing a firearm as a convicted felon.


"Hillsbrough County Sheriff Chad Chronister said Williams 'took advantage of this health emergency to commit crimes'," according to The Hill.


Florida Man Arrested after Claiming his Wife Died from Coronavirus (photo at top of article)


He claimed his wife died from coronavirus. Days later, he was arrested in New Mexico and charged with second-degree murder and kidnapping for allegedly killing his wife. 


The Florida man, 43-year-old David Anthony, and his wife, 51-year-old Gretchen Anthony, lived in Jupiter, Florida - not too far north of Fort Lauderdale. According to 10 News, Jupiter Police Department began investigating Gretchen’s disappearance on March 26 after family reported her missing. 


A witness allegedly told police they received a text from Gretchen March 23 “saying she had the coronavirus and was being held by the ‘CDC’ at Jupiter Medical Center,” according to the article.


Officers went to Gretchen’s home, no one answered. The medical center said she hadn’t been there since 2008. Then, police found her Mini Cooper sitting empty in the medical center’s parking lot. 


Others also received suspicious texts mentioning treatment of COVID-19 and being sedated for treatment.


When police revisited the house on March 26, a neighbor asked if they were investigating “the attack” that occurred over the weekend. The neighbor said they heard a woman scream and say “No! No, it hurts.” 


Others said they say David’s truck with tarps and an unknown mix of liquids seeping out from under the garage door. When searching the home, police found rags, cleaners, blood and bleach stains and broken door frames. A cadaver dog alerted both in the home and David’s car.


He was arrested in New Mexico March 31. He’ll be extradited back to Palm Beach County. 


For more information, read the full news report here.

More information is also on the Jupiter Police Department’s Facebook Page

From police: We are urging anyone with information about this case to call the Jupiter Police Department at 561-741-2235.


Update!! Missing Person/Homicide Arrest The Jupiter Police Department is asking for your help with any information...

Posted by The Jupiter Police Department on Tuesday, April 7, 2020


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