Crappy Situation: Broken Fort Lauderdale Pipe Floods Rio Vista; Home insurance attorney might be able to help

A broken sewer line has ushered millions - yes, millions - of gallons of sewage into the Rio Vista neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale in the past week.


One of the streets most impacted was Ponce de Leon Drive, and according to the Sun Sentinel, some neighbors are now calling the area Poop de Leon


With millions of gallons of sewage water flowing in the neighborhood, we imagine many homeowners are finding themselves in a stinky, crappy situation. In addition to Ponce de Leon Drive, SE 11th Street and SE 11 Court streets, all between US 1 and Cordova Road, are also directly impacted. 

Workers clear sewage from Rio Vista neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale


The 54-inch cast iron sewer pipe that broke flooded the area through Tuesday -- totaling 9 days of sewer discharge, according to the Sun Sentinel


Ponce de Leon was closed for many days between SE 9th Ave and Southeast 12th way, according to a recent Sun Sentinel article. The leak was stopped Tuesday, but the damage was not yet mitigated. With so much contamination in the Tarpon River, dead fish have been removed from the waters. 


While we hope your homes haven’t been affected by this Rio Vista neighborhood sewage break, we want you to know we’re here to help if you need it. 


Manny Serra-Jovenich offers free consultations for you to learn how to ensure your insurance company doesn’t leave you underpaid. 


Manny will work to maximize recovery of your insurance claims and minimize your stress level all along the way. 


“Manny was able to get me almost 5 times what the insurance company wanted to pay. Manny is an unbelievably professional individual who helped me during a difficult time and walked me along the process step by step.” - 2019 review by Mr. C 


A note from Manny


"Typically (and unfortunately) breaks from a city or municipality's water or sewage line are not covered by standard insurance policies.  The key is to look to where exactly the break occurred. If the break is located on community-owned property then your chances of recovery decline drastically.  If the break occurs inside or under your home, then the odds to recover will be much greater. Because the city line is likely not on your property, the insurance company can deny responsibility for the damage to your home, as the damage was not caused by a "Peril Insured Against."  However, there is still a possibility to receive funds to fix your home from the city or your insurance company through subrogation - file that method of recovery under ‘things that are easier said than done.’


Be very careful not to confuse the city pipes with your pipes. If the damages were caused by a pipe break located on your land, then it is an entirely different and easier process of recovery."


Call us if you or someone you know is considering filing an insurance claim to pay for sewage damage from broken pipes. Call today at: 754-999-2499

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