Body Cameras coming to Palm Beach County soon: Sheriff Ric Bradshaw Announced 

Sheriff Rc Bradshaw, Palm Beach County, Florida Sheriff smiles in a portrait photo - originally on the PBSO website Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office announced on Oct. 23 plans to move toward getting body cameras for all deputies. 

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said he has a plan “to install body cameras for the thousands of deputies who patrol our community and work to keep our neighborhoods safe,” in an email. “This technology is a game changer for your Sheriff’s office.”

Already, 960 patrol vehicles have been outfitted with cameras and now record every stop and interaction. The next step is outfitting deputies with body cameras - part of that step is ensuring the technology and infrastructure are in place to move forward with body cameras safely and reliably.  

Body cameras are “technology that will protect everyone,” Sheriff Bradshaw said in a promotional video. “Soon, we’ll have body cameras on the deputies to protect every citizen and officer with a visual record.” 

Learn more in this 30-second video explainer:

“We have worked hard to reduce crime and keep you safe,” Sheriff Bradshaw said in an email. “We are working just as hard to keep your trust.” 

Body Cameras in Palm Beach County vs Broward County

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is about 4 years behind the Broward County Sheriff’s Office in South Florida in terms of getting Body Cameras. 

When BSO got body cameras in early 2016, the then Sheriff Scott Israel said body cameras in Broward were the right thing to do and said “We are a transparent agency.... We are not afraid of what goes on out in the street.” 

The plan piloted with 50 deputies across North Lauderdale, Central Broward, Pompano Beach and Deerfield Beach wearing cameras but had plans to extend to road patrol, K-9 units, motorcycles and special operations.

Current Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony also says body cameras play an important role. All BSO deputies are required to activate cameras when going out on a call for service and when engaging with civilians.

Body Cameras on Law Enforcement in South Florida: The Good and The Bad & The Data on which Police Wear Them

In Broward County,  25% of law enforcement agencies do not have body worn cameras.

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