NFL player Odell Beckham Jr. walks on the field, criminal defense attorney writes about if he could face a battery crime

How Easy Is It To Be Charged With Battery? Ask OBJ and a Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney


Locker room fun with a little slap could potentially turn into a party in the slammer for NFL player Odell Beckham Jr.


Today, Jan. 16, New Orleans police obtained an arrest warrant for OBJ for a simple battery for allegedly slapping a police officer on the butt at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome Monday night. (Photo creditAP Photo / David Richard )



This  video reveals Beckham slapping a male police officer’s butt after the LSU championship game. 


Initially, team members were smoking victory cigars in the locker room and police allegedly told players anyone caught smoking was subject to arrest. Later, another officer gave the OK for players to smoke in the locker room. 


While police were in the locker room, Beckham hit the cop’s butt. 


Law enforcement tried to get a warrant for a misdemeanor sexual battery charge at first, according to  The judge denied that warrant but later approved a new draft for a warrant with a single count of simple battery. 


Consequences of Battery in Louisiana

According to Louisiana law, if convicted, Beckham could spend up to six months in prison and a maximum fine of $1,000. 


In addition to hitting a police officer’s butt, LSU is also looking into Beckham for giving $100-bill handshakes to players after the Clemson win. LSU associate athletic director Robert Munson said it was a joke and the bills were fake, but there still may be an investigation into whether the bills were real or not, according to a NBC Sports report.


Florida Consequences for Battery Crimes

In Florida, slapping a police officer’s butt would be considered as assault or battery of law enforcement officer, something often referred to as “Battery LEO,” as Beckham did touch the cop against his will. In Florida, Battery LEO consequences are a third-degree felony. This also would not classify as sexual battery in Florida as a butt slap or grab is specifically excluded from being characterized as sexual battery.


While we don’t encourage slapping anyone’s butt without consent, we also do encourage you to consider the particular consequences of giving someone a “good game” butt tap. 



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